Requirement Details - Unix
Requirement Unix ( JC#HC/JC/856/Friday/March/2011 )
Location Bangalore
Nationality India
Education B.E, B.Tech, M.C.A, M.Tech
Mandatory Skills - NA -
Experience 1.00-5.00 years
Contact Person Name Hema
Contact Phone No 8970098786
Job Description 
  • This is a web enabled system to capture Operational risk events and perform an analysis on the same. This system is based on the Basel Committee recommendations on Operational Risk. A consolidated picture of operational risks on entities, controls for risk mitigation and risk assessment across the organisation is maintained in accordance with the Corporate governance.
  • The system helps the assessor in defining multi level business entity structure and to record risk for the entity structure, track issues and recommendations i.e. the action plans and review notes as they arise.
  • In all,  this system is a multi faceted Risk analysis and assessment system with features as dynamic reporting on the assessment, establishing business on entity structure (workflow) using Jviews. JRule  is used to fire Alert and Message based on the rules defined in the JRule
  • The presentation layer is developed in JSP / HTML, while the Business layer is developed using EJB on the applications server like Weblogic / Websphere while the datalayer consisted on Oracle / DB2 / SQL Server
  • At present, I am involved in Load Testing of the OR2Q Application using Rational Team Test. And leading a team to design scripts, execute scripts and review of the test results to improve the application's performance.
  •             Involved in preparing and executing Analysis Note and Transaction Analysis,
  •             Designing the test scenario,
  •             Recording scripts for the test scenario,
  • Executing scripts using Rational Team Test,
  •             Preparing and Analysing Reports and Test Results,
  •             Recommending changes for the further application optimisation